Marine Olie Handelmij BV ( MOH) was founded in 1967 and started out as a trading company in mainly various fish oils. Throughout the years MOH has developed into an international trading organization in vegetable oils and fats. Over time the activities in feedfat for animals (compound industry) became the main daily routine.

Besides dealing and trading between sellers and buyers directly, the market required typical blends of various vegetable oils and fats which seemed for the market to enter a new era. Providing these products needed extra care and attention. Storage facilities therefore became indispensable for those newly developed activities.

In 1973 Groot's Extractiefabriek BV was linked together with MOH into the Marson group, to keep up with the increased demand for specific blends. This storage facility, based in Wormer (N-Holland) increased the possibilities and flexibility in both trading and logistics. In - and outgoing products can be handled by road tank cars, tank containers and also barges, as Groot's Extractiefabriek is situated at the river "de Zaan". Since the year 2000 MOH is also using the storage facilities of BTTM in Moerdijk (the same location where our office is located) where even coasters can be loaded / unloaded as well. Nowadays MOH is selling its products in a wide range of industries.

The compound industry is still the biggest sector. The GMP+ quality certificate is not just  a certificate but a prove of the daily commitment of the whole organization in order to ensure the feed quality standard.

The MOH products also find their way in pet food -, oleo-chemical-, bio-diesel- and green energy production industry. Especially the green energy-markets have strongly grown in terms of innovation technology with the vegetable oils and fats playing a major role as raw material. MOH wants to make a difference in these markets with the use of so called 2nd generation products (Recycled vegetable oils and other vegetable oils and fats which are no longer suitable for either food or feed purposes. The use of products which also find their way in food and feed markets is simply not acceptable with regard to the sustainability of the raw materials which is one of the main reasons that MOH has become a member at the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

To subscribe these "green" intentions further on, a joint venture between Marine Olie Handelmij and Vetveredeling Moerdijk BV resulted in the newly founded company SES International (Sustainable Energy Solutions International), in which all sorts of green energy projects are developed and processed.

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