All industries have their own specific demands with regard to product quality standards. Together we find a solution to secure all possible problems in each type of processing.

Especially the animal feed industry has faced an enormous development in safety of requirements for their products. The GMP + quality system is the standard in this sector which has therefore been implemented in the entire organization of the Marson Group. Generally this means that all products and logistics can be traced back to the source at any given moment. Critical points in the all the processes have been identified and are being monitored frequently. Part of this monitoring system is being done by making analysis on all possible dangerous contaminations as well as auditing suppliers on a regular basis and researching the market developments. Our intention is to remain a flexible organization where a good quality and safe products are the standard.

Furthermore MOH is a RSPO member (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) for which sustainability in respect of production and product-development has got a high priority.

At the end of the day all this would lead to one conclusion: MOH is ready if you are!

Link to the quality certificates of Marine Olie Handelmij BV:
» GMP quality certificate Marine Olie Handelmij BV
» GMP quality certificate Groot's Extractiefabriek BV
» GMP quality certificate BTTM
» QS certificate
» www.rspo.org (membershipnr 2012 6090 0000)